Lake District Lectures

• Roman Roads through the Lakes

The Romans built many roads in and around the Lake District; the lecture traces the main routes through the fells, including the Lune Gorge, High Street and Hardknott.


• Turnpikes and Tourists in Eighteenth Century Lakeland
Early tourists came to marvel at the 'horrendous' landscapes. Many roads were turnpiked at the same time; allowing tourists easier access, using the first guide books and maps.


• Lake District: National Park or National Car Park?

Contemporary problems: preserve the landscape, or allow more access? Water supply, forestry, tourism, roads, the local comunity and planning.

• Roads Around the Sands

The lecture traces the changing routes to avoid crossing the sands of Morecambe Bay, notably by the creation of turnpike roads, first via Kendal (1763) and then via Levens (1818) on what is now the A6 and A590.


• Off the Beaten Track in Cumbria
The lecture looks at five types of roads: Roman, medieval, drove, mountain passes and enclosure roads.

• Donald's Map of Cumberland (1774)

The lecture looks at the first one-inch map of the county, and puts it into the context of other maps, turnpikes and tourism.

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