Road Lectures

• Off the Beaten Track – Unusual Roads in Britain

A selection of Britain's more curious prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, corpse, sands, packhorse, turnpike, enclosure and military roads.

• Roman Roads of Britain

The Romans built thousands of miles of roads across Britain. The lecture shows how to follow their routes, with examples from throughout Britain.

• Medieval Roads and Travel

Who travelled in medieval England? What were the roads like? Did people travel by river? Attempts to reconstruct the transport network.

• The Rise and Fall of the Turnpike
Most turnpikes in England were created during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and were the first systematic system of road building and maintenance since the Romans. The lectures look at how the network grew, operated, and eventually declined.


• Turnpikes and Maps in the North West
The lecture looks at the growth of turnpikes in the four counties of North West England from 1725, and the county maps which were surveyed in the 1770s.

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